“Ad portas”, from the installation and series POLISOMNIA ‘
At MURO LÍQUIDO in Pereira, Colombia

Polisomnia, en Muro Líquido, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira

The Art of the Philharmonic, Koger Center for the Arts, April 2024, Columbia, South Carolina

Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations, Opus 33. Mov. III (Andante)

Animation by Alejandro García Lemos, 2024

Southern Exposure 2023

School of Music University of South Carolina, Columbia, Sept 29, 2023

Animation for Tania León, music by Amernet Quartet and Tania León (composer)


Nimrata Randhawa 2024

Nimrata Randhawa, the return!
AKA: N. Haley

The return of the nightmare…

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